An image of an over-sized freight load, it's 2 very long metal beams or roof spans they are in a parking lot and the tractor is in the distance and the span is close to the camera Our Knowledgeable Staff Provides Worry Free Specialized Freight Services

Over-Sized and Specialized Freight Quote

Over our many years in the business, Tri-Town Transport has established a strong reputation for dependability and proficient Specialized Freight Service.

We have experienced office staff and drivers, a wealth of industry experience, and a family business that has grown from strength to strength.

​This means we can offer a prompt, reliable, and professional Specialized Freight Service package, from pick-up to drop-off.

​We have experienced drivers to transport Specialized Freight and road train loads, and the machinery and staff to move all types of equipment.​

We also ensure our staff has all the required safety training. Our team is made up of highly motivated, efficient, and enthusiastic people who pride themselves on excelling at what they do.

Delivering Great Value and Peace of Mind Everyday

​Our company is consistently implementing new and more efficient Specialized Freight systems, policies and controls with regard to Occupational Health and Safety, and all facets of our Specialized Freight Services – from transport to flexible operating hours and administration of accounts.

Ongoing training in all aspects of our Specialized Freight Service and management is a high priority, this ensures that our services and the information we give are always up to date with industry advances.

​Tri-Town Transport works at ensuring that our clients have security and

an image of a man of color driving a specialized freight load on a flatbed trailer. It's a very large piece of power generation equipment. It looks like a cool autumn day somewhere east of the rocky mountains which are in the distant background.

Expert Training and State of the Art equipment insure your Specialized Freight is delivered on time and in the expected condition

peace of mind as well as evidence of compliance with all of our legal, legislative, and quality assurance requirements. ​

We pride ourselves on being fully versed with all legal aspects of working within the guidelines of the Mining Industry, Local, State, and Federal Government.

We provide a Specialized Freight Quote that represents value for money – it’s timely, efficient, and safe and we look after your load like it was our own.​

Call us today for a free specialized freight quote at 800-940-3598 or complete the Specialized Freight Quote form for an immediate response.

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