green freight carrier

Considering a Green Freight carrier? Are you are shipping specific environmentally friendly products or wish to help with our environment? It is important to understand Environmental Friendly Transportation.

Being a Green Freight carrier is a specialty, having implemented practices and standards which can differ from the average trucking company.

By working to reduce emission freight toward clean air, we are making a positive contribution to the future of the planet.

When you take the steps to retain a Green Freight carrier, you are also able to share with your customer base that you are doing your part.

We all know how important safety is when it comes to a successful shipping mission. Because of the environmental considerations, our company “carries” this one step further.

Our technicians understand that there is more to the preparation process than making sure everything is in working order and routinely washing our trucks.

When it comes to cleaning and preparing, our process includes inspecting and cleaning even more than the engine compartment.

Cleaning Is Important With A Green Freight Carrier:

Cleaning the vehicle frame, the drive train, the axles, and the various undercarriage components provides much more than an improved visual appearance.

Checking and tracking tire pressure in various weather and surface conditions also makes a difference.

Being able to keep our vehicles in excellent condition (and as clean as possible) can save as much as 7% in fuel consumption.

While some trucking companies emphasize fuel consumption savings as a financial benefit. We also emphasize how these practices contribute to our environment at the same time.

Over the years, we have been able to benefit our clients and the environment from our extensive tracking systems, whether for delivering LTL or FTL Freight.

The extensive monitoring of our trucks and drivers allows us to lead the way among Green Freight carriers.

Other Green Freight Carrier Considerations

There are other environmental considerations when dealing with larger loads, compared with smaller loads. Whether being transported short or over long distances.

Our fully coordinated efforts also address environmental concerns above and beyond our hundreds of 3PL trucks. As a Green Freight carrier, we also address the aspects of our intermodal and rail service. Both for North America, as well as internationally.

We are often called upon to include air freight, in domestic or international shipments. We are well versed in adapting any environmental concerns with the appropriate cooperating airlines.

If your contents are environmentally friendly, you have our expertise in maintaining those qualities throughout the process.  Going from your facilities all the way to your dealers or customers.

Even if they are not, you can show your customer or client base how you address these concerns throughout every aspect of your freight delivery!

green freight carrier