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Specialized Freight Quotes

When inquiring about specialized freight quotes please ask us about our discount rate and 1st-time customer discounts.

Specialized or Oversized freight can include anything from blades used on wind turbines, to preassembled support structures for buildings or bridges, to farms, mining, construction equipment, and much more.

Specialized freight includes, in part, one-of-a-kind products, toxic or hazardous materials, and items that are fragile or considered precious.

Hauling oversized loads requires special truck beds which may have steerable quad axles, and may be extendable or widening.

Items being hauled may require low clearance loading or chassis tipping.  These special trucks must be properly maintained and operated by a licensed professional.

You will want to work with a freight moving company that provides its drivers with ongoing training in proper loading, driving, and unloading of these unique, highly specialized vehicles.

You expect the people handling your freight to do so in a safe manner without injury to people or the freight.

With these specialized freight quotes, you want a freight hauling company that knows and follows all local, state, and federal guidelines and obtains required permits for hauling the specialized or oversized freight.

For a hauling company to provide you with accurate, specialized/oversized freight quotes you

will need to provide them details about your freight, such as the amount of space it takes up, the weight; what is your delivery deadline, and will shipment require other modes of transport such as going by ship or rail?

A reputable hauling company will work with other reputable companies when transferring your cargo from road to plane or rail or ship. Every link in the transport chain must be strong.

Your specialized freight quotes should include the list of every link in that chain; and at each juncture, you must be assured that all the people involved have the proper training, licensing, and equipment to move your product.

Proper handling of your cargo by a professional hauling company also reflects on you and your business. If the hauling company damages your cargo or has problems with the delivery then your customers will see that as a reflection on your business.

Do not cut corners by trying to find a cheap hauling company that may save you money but end up damaging your freight or having handling and delivery problems.

When you get your specialized/oversized freight quotes the hauling company should be able to provide you with the details of their vehicles and the qualifications of the drivers and others who will be helping to load and offload your freight.

A professional company will also verify with you any concerns they may have about hauling your freight and be upfront if your delivery deadline is unreasonable due to the special handling requirements.

Be sure to go over all the details with the hauling company and have no questions left unanswered.