Green Trucking Companies

Green Trucking Companies – Steps We Take to Reduce the Carbon Footprint Whether We Use Asset-Based or Providing Broker Green Trucking Company Quotes

Keep it Green: Use only those who use the latest Green Trucking Technology in delivering your LTL or FTL Freight.

Mapping: Managing routes to minimize stops, distance, and time.

Reduce: The use of smaller freight vehicles when possible.

Efficiency: Do it right the first time: The need to reship Freight can cause a doubling of the normal carbon footprint associated with any shipment. We check and re-check everything from the BOL to tire pressure.

Driver behavior: We monitor the way drivers handle their trucks and encourage drivers to adopt the most efficient driving techniques, this has a major impact on fuel economy.

Green Trucking CompaniesSpecification:  When spec’ing  or inspecting vehicles, we make sure all components—the drive train, tires, engine, and aerodynamics are properly matched to maximize fuel efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of the transport vehicle.

Preventive Maintenance Program: We minimize fuel usage and increase equipment lifespan by effectively maintaining all equipment and we only use carriers in our 3PL network who provide preventative maintenance documentation.Management: When more efficient operating methods are developed or discovered we test them and when they work, we use them. Here are just some of the proven management methods Tri-Town Transport and our carrier partners employ.

Image of awhite truck and the airlow aound the truck with the caption, Superior Aerodynamics Reduces Fuel Consumption and Emissions

Idling education:

  • Driver training programs with incentives to promote more efficient fuel use
  • Formation of a Driver committee to discuss and offer fuel-saving ideas to management with rewards for implemented ideas
  • Computerized routing and scheduling to reduce overall mileage and unnecessary stops
  • Computerized management reports monitoring performance such as fuel consumption, maintenance, driver productivity, and total cost per mile

Safety: We look at all factors affecting safety. This can save not only fuel/money but also the most important asset, our employees and the lives of those in the public.New Flatbed

  • Keeping the entire vehicle clean— this includes the engine compartment, the vehicle frame, axles, drive train, and other undercarriage components to improve visual inspection and reduce fuel usage. The simple act of keeping our equipment clean saves up to 7% of the overall fuel consumption
  • Provide drivers with ongoing training seminars on safe and economical driving techniques
  • We perform pre-trip inspections the same way every time. Establishing a routine greatly reduces the chance of oversights

After you are done researching green trucking companies, we believe you’ll find our initiatives and prices to be superior. We provide fast, quality service and genuinely care for your cargo. Learn more about getting a green trucking quote. Contact us by calling 800-940-3598 or submitting your information in our contact form.