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Business freight can mean just about anything: machinery, agribusiness chemicals, furniture, and on and on.

Not many freight companies are Specialized Freight Quote Specialists and when it involves hazardous materials or if the freight is oversized TriTown Transport has the expertise and experience you can rely on.

These cases require not just the knowledge and experience on the part of the trucking company, but also the specialized vehicles themselves.

When calling around for specialized freight quotes ask about the vehicles they use, the training their drivers receive, and the permitting they must have to move hazardous or Specialized Freight.

Be wary of trucking companies trying to reduce rates by cutting corners.  Safety and proper permitting are paramount. What you should be looking for is a Specialized Freight Quote Specialists

If the trucking company fails, your company fails.  Look beyond the financial numbers when getting specialized freight quotes.

Does the trucking company have the proper transport vehicles for your particular Oversized freight or for handling hazardous materials?

Do they obtain the proper transport permits?  Are the individuals handling the freight properly trained?

Specialized Freight Safety

Image of NASA's next generation of a manned-spacecraft enroute to White Sands Missile Range as a specialized freight load.

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Transport safety is important, not just for your goods being shipped, but also for the transport driver and even the general public.
If the trucking company gets in trouble for improper transport, whether because they do not have the proper shipping permits, the load is not properly secured or the vehicle itself is not properly maintained, it reflects on your business as well.  Your customers will notice.

You will not find an individual company that handles shipping directly in all modes: on the road, over the rail, via ship, and on a plane.

If your shipment has to transfer from truck to either rail or by sea or air, you want a trucking company that works with other transport businesses which also have great reputations for proper handling of specialized or oversized freight.

Specialized/oversized freight quotes should include details about the other carriers who will transfer the freight from road to rail, for example.

Do your research.  It does you no good if the trucking company does its part, but the rail yard fails to properly handle the freight.

Make sure all parties involved have properly trained personnel or Specialized Freight Quote Specialists. Proper and well-maintained vehicles and the know-how to handle your freight during transfers from one mode to another.

A trucking company offering specialized freight quotes must have properly trained personnel.

For oversize freight, it means properly loading and making sure the freight is secured and on a vehicle appropriate to the size and weight of the load.

For hazardous materials it means having the licensing and obtaining the permits; all to insure the persons handling the materials know the safety precautions necessary for safe and proper hauling over public roads.

Take seriously your conversation with a trucking company when getting specialized/oversized freight quotes.  Do not be looking for cheap and fast delivery if it means being a risk to the public or damaging to your freight.

Tell us what your specific needs are when you contact us about low-cost intermodal freight quotes too.

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