Specialized Freight Quote Company

TriTown Transport is an Asset Based Freight Carrier Company and a 3PL Fright Quote Company that offers a broad range of shipping solutions to companies and individuals across the United States and around the world.

​Our focus lay in Specialized Freight Quotes and delivering freight to their destination anywhere throughout the world in the most ecofriendly, economical, efficient, and safe manner possible. All while providing worry-free asset-based and 3PL services.

​Whether your needs are large or small, complex or simple, our team of experts will ensure you receive A premium Freight Quote.An image of our 2 receptionists at tritown transport, they are both blonde and very attractive, they are smiling and looking at the camera

TriTown Transport Inc. was founded in 2007 as a Full Flatbed and Specialized Freight company.

We were incorporated in 2008 as we began to grow. We have withstood our nation’s economic challenges and have come out stronger and more focused on sustainable freight services.

Family Owned Specialized Freight Quote Company

TriTown Transport is a family-owned trucking company that has been serving the continental United States for over 16 years with low cost, reliable freight services.

TriTown is owned by Erick Whitten, with over 13 years of experience in aerospace, and 20 years of experience in trucking and logistics operations.

​This combination of education and experience will prove to provide solid cooperation and organizational structure that you can count on. Our staff of administrative and dispatch professionals is trained to recognize needs and solve problems, with an attitude of “no job too small, no problem too big.” We are a trucking company and we intend on being the best. And staff is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

an image of 2 dispatch employees back to back seated and facing their monitors with phone headsets on. One is a man and one is a womanTri-Town has entered into an independent representative agreement with  Universal Truckload Inc. (UTSI) freight companies. This professional relationship with UTSI and its sister companies brings a tremendous 3PL resource to TriTown Transport and its customers. We are proud to offer hundreds of 3PL trucks of various types to better serve our customers, along with container intermodal and rail service. In both North America and Internationally, and an air freight domestic and international freight forwarding service.

Adding to this, our combined staff of professional, experienced administrative personnel to handle your individual freight relocation needs.

​Our freight quotes are very competitive and our combined experience as a freight carrier will provide your company with the best service available today.