Going Green Freight Carrier Companies

Everyone in all areas of business and life these days is concerned about the environment and saving our planet by going green.

Diesel fuel is a Freight Carrier lifeline, delivering goods using billions of gallons of diesel. However, a green solution has been developed for a large number of carriers and trucking companies to deal with increasing carbon emissions, causing environmental hazards.

Image of a young woman in a bright red sweater driving a semi tractor trailer she has long brunette hair and a nice smile, she is facing the camera and she is very attractiveThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is establishing standards to enhance the success of this move and ensure a governing body is present to monitor environmentally dangerous freight carrier activities.

The backbone of the American Economy

The freight industry is the backbone of the US economy. Almost everything we Americans buy at one point or another was delivered by a Freight Carrier Company. From automobiles to paper clips and all things in between.

Here at TriTown Transport, we have been working on reducing emissions for nearly 35 years, long before it was an out-front issue as it is today.

Our initiative started with simple but very effective steps. Such as, keeping the tire pressure at the recommended levels. This single step saved us an estimated $37,000.00 in fuel costs.

Have you ever tried to ride a bicycle with low-pressure tires, can you remember the added energy you have to use just to get the bike to roll? It’s the same for a semi-trailer truck, low tire pressure increases the amount of fuel needed to propel the truck forward.

Some of the ways that going green helps control carbon emissions are:

  • Slow Down: Speed Reduction is the most simple and effective way. This move can save up to 27 percent of fuel as well as carbon emissions could be reduced by around 31.5 million tons.
  • Engine Maintenance: Having truck stop electrification systems set up would save the amount of fuel consumed while the driver sleeps. Rather than allowing a truck to idle.
  • Driving Behavior: A driver can save up to 5-10% of the fuel consumed by, just shifting gears soft and timely.
  • Accessories and Equipment: Many companies have installed aerodynamic panels, as well as new more environmentally friendly engines.

Many trucking companies have joined the movement and others plan to do so very soon.

The EPA’s SmartWay Transport Partnership is also becoming popular among the “Going Green Freight Carriers” in the transportation industry.

This is a joint initiative by the EPA and the Freight Carrier Industry to combat the environmental risks associated with Green Trucking jobs.

TriTown Transport is now an industry-leading advocate for “Going Green Freight Carriers”. We continue to develop, discover and innovate for a more environmentally friendly Freight Carrier Industry.

Going Green Freight Carrier Companies

TriTown Transport envisions a robust green transport future for the U.S. And TriTown Transport supports Business Schools that are encouraging research to move government and industry action on Green Freight Carrier technologies and practices.