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Green Freight

Today almost everyone is getting concerned about the environment. Green business practices are becoming more popular and more important in evaluating what companies to do business with. If your company is looking for ways to ship its goods as economically and as responsibly as possible, with minimal harm to the environment, then you owe it to yourself to get at least one green freight quote.

This means that you want a quote from a company that will tell you more than just how soon your goods will be delivered and what it will cost you. It means you also want to know how those goods will be delivered and what the delivery company is specifically doing to make themselves a green business that is both efficient and environmentally friendly.

Being a green business means different things to different people and in the shipping business, there are a variety of actions that companies can take to make themselves more green and environmentally friendly. These include the design and maintenance of their fleet, to ensure maximum fuel efficiency, minimal waste and practices specifically designed to minimize their impact on the environment. It also involves planning and logistics, to ensure that they picked the best routes and the best times for delivery to minimize not only mileage and miles traveled, but time wasted idling in traffic, wasting fuel and spilling contaminants into the environment.

A green freight quote should be a blueprint for an overall plan to move your goods as efficiently and in as environmentally friendly a manner as possible, in order to minimize not only costs and inefficiency, but environmental damage as well. It should be detailed and well thought out. By working together with your freight company, you should not only be able to save money and have your goods delivered more efficiently, but be more responsible about the environment as well.

This is what makes a green freight quote different from a standard quote, which just details the price and the terms of delivery, but tells you nothing about the efficiency and maintenance of the vehicles involved in delivering your goods, or about the safety, efficiency and training of the drivers involved in delivering your goods. A real green freight quote tells you in detail, not just how quickly your goods will be delivered at what cost to you, but it also tells you how efficiently of the shipping company and how committed they are to the environment.

Even if this does not matter to you and to your company, it may matter to some of your customers. They may want to know how their goods are delivered and what the impact is on the environment and what you are doing to help minimize that impact. Therefore, getting at least one real green freight quote and choosing the shipping company on the basis of their concern for the environment and for minimizing their environmental footprint, can be good public relations for your company. So, when you think shipping, don’t just think about the lowest possible price. Think green. You’ll be glad you did.

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