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Reliable Low Cost Freight Quotes

The Better Way To Ship Larger Items Affordably and Safely

LTL shipping, or less than truckload shipping, is the easiest way to ship items that are too large or bulky to bring to the post office or a parcel company but won’t take up all the space of a shipment truck by themselves.  If you or your business require LTL freight quotes, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

Are There Different Types of LTL Shipping?
There are two different types of LTL shipping that are used to help determine the cost of an LTL shipment. An LTL shipment will typically weigh between 151 and 10,000 pounds. Standard LTL shipping includes shipments that are under 7,000 pounds and are limited to six standard-size pallets. If your shipment weighs more than 7,000 pounds or contains seven or more standard-size pallets, it is considered volume LTL. Shipments that are considered to be volume will usually be discounted.

How Much Will My Shipment Cost?
Your final cost will vary by carriers but there are several factors that come into play when determining the LTL freight quote price. To keep pricing affordable, all shipment trucks need to remain as full as possible, and as much of the time as possible. If your shipment is shaped odd or does not allow for other shipments to be stacked on top of it or next to it, this could increase your cost. If your shipment is going to a rural location, the truck may be traveling empty for a bit, which can also increase your price. This is why LTL shipping is not charged solely on weight. While it is a determining factor, freight classes, density, shipping lanes and expedited requests all need to be considered.

Who Can Benefit From LTL Shipping?
Whether you have never shipped LTL before or send out multiple shipments a week, LTL shipping can benefit just about anyone. It’s convenient for the shipper and because LTL shipping is used to reduce overall shipping costs, both for the shipper and the carrier, it’s also much more affordable in most cases.

Are There Items That I Can’t Ship with LTL Shipping?
Each carrier will have different standards and limitations but as a general rule of thumb, check with your carrier if your shipment contains antiques, temperate controlled materials, hazardous waste, artwork or any type of currency. These items require special shipping. Some more common items that are shipped using LTL shipping include automobile parts, electronics, household furniture items and anything that is bulky or strangely shaped.

What Is Freight Classification and How Do I Know Which One is Right?
There are 18 different freight classes which are defined by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association. They are all based on weight, density, value, ease of handling, length and height and liability. Most of the time, the lower the NFCM class, the lower your cost will be. But if you happen to label your shipment with the wrong freight class, it can be quite an expensive mistake. Your carrier should be able to assist you in determining the freight classification.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

How Do I Actually Ship An Item Using LTL Shipping?
First, determine if your item should be shipped using LTL shipping. Is it too big for parcel
mail? Is it small enough that the entire space of a truck trailer is not needed? Then LTL shipping is the right option. Next, take specific measurements. Incorrect dimensions and Reliable Low Cost Freight Quotes weight can be a costly error. Package your item appropriately and label it on all sides. Choose a carrier and complete a bill of lading, which is an outline that shows every detail of your shipment. A bill of lading is a legal contract that will protect you should something not follow the outline. Finally, follow up with the receiver of the shipment to make sure that everything arrived safe and on time.

LTL shipping can save time and money, whether you are an individual or the head of a large company. If you are unsure whether you can benefit from LTL shipping or not, a quick call to your local carrier should answer any questions you may have.