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Low Cost Intermodal Freight Quotes

Hauling freight across the country, or the world, requires a lot of logistics with a wide range of customized transportation solutions. TriTown Transport offers low cost intermodal freight quotes to meet most any transport need.

How It All Began

The earliest forms of intermodal freight, before rail or air, were between land and water.  As other forms of travel for people came of age, those modes each became adapted for hauling freight.

During World War II they realized the convenience of shipping freight on pallets, so they did not have to constantly unpack and repack payloads every time they moved freight from road to rail to air.  Palletizing was discovered to be safer for the workers as well as the freight, plus it saved a lot of time.

Moving Forward

Look at the space program: it started transporting people to the moon and space stations; now, unmanned payloads of goods or equipment are delivered to the space station more frequently than humans.

Today, hauling intermodal freight continues to gain ever-increasing efficiency, along with improved security and safety of all involved.

There is talk of a hyper-loop being developed to transport people vast distances very quickly.  If the hyper-loop becomes a reality, one more modality of shipping will be added to the mix.

Low Cost Intermodal Freight Quotes

Here are some options to consider when contacting us about low cost intermodal freight quotes.

Road Transport

Freight comes in all types and sizes.  We can provide the right trailer for the job.  Trailers are available with side loading, top loading, or flatbed.  Drop deck and low loader trailers are available as well.

Once in route, your freight transport progress may be tracked via GPS.

Sea Transport

We offer quarantine and bond services. Along with setting up full container load storage and customs approved unpack.  Also, we can arrange for any of a variety of containers plus arrange for wharf cartage services for either importing or exporting freight.  Services are HAZMAT accredited.

Rail Transport

Transferring freight from road to rail may require a side-loading vehicle for easy transfer of larger items.

To ship via rail is cheaper than long-haul over the road.  A semi-truck gets less than ten miles to the gallon of diesel fuel.  Trains are said to be forty times more fuel efficient.

To move hazardous material cargo over the road, across the country, involves far greater risk and requires a lot more paperwork than shipping by rail.

Travel by rail provides some of the most scenic views America has to offer.  Too bad the freight does not care.

Tell us what your specific needs are when you contact us about low cost intermodal freight quotes.

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