Green Freight Companies are Embracing Changea white truck rolling down a 2 lane highway with trees and mountains on each side, it's a sunny day

Are you someone who cares deeply about the environment? But need to be sure that your business remains competitive and profitable?

More and more business owners like you are turning to a green freight companies like TriTown Transport for their freight needs. Simultaneously helping the planet while strengthening their image to customers and reputation as a socially-conscious business.

Throughout the United States, major corporations and small businesses alike are turning to green freight companies. They need to haul their products at minimal cost to their bottom line and minimal impact on the environment. And these green freight companies are reducing fuel consumption and minimizing environmental impact through innovative ways, some are highlighted below.

Green Freight Companies and Engine Technology

Several major U.S. corporations have introduced new engine technology that has completely transformed their logistical system. Moving from dirty-burning diesel technology to a completely green freight carrier network. For example, both Kraft Foods and Frito Lay currently have two of the largest hybrid trucking fleets on the road in the United States. Saving millions of dollars in transportation costs and reducing carbon consumption and CO2 emissions by tremendous amounts.

Coca-Cola has gone even further. The company currently has the largest fleet of all-electric vehicles on the road. This completely eliminates their vehicles’ CO2 emissions. And sets an industry-wide example of how to reduce waste and pollution while increasing profits. Several major green freight carriers have implemented hybrid and electric engine technology in their logistical networks, and so can you.

Driving Behavior’s Impact On Green Freight Companies

Reduce Idling

Studies have shown that engine idling is a major contributor to the over consumption of diesel fuel by long-haul truckers. And this a major source of CO2 pollution worldwide. However, this is an easy problem to fix. Truckers often keep their trucks idling overnight at truck stops in order to provide heat and to cool their vehicles. But by using truck auxiliary units or electric truck stop hook-ups, they can turn their engine off for the entire night, saving several gallons of diesel fuel per day.

But make no mistake, these savings aren’t just theoretical. Verizon experimented with reducing idling in their trucking fleet and witnessed a savings of 200,000 gallons of fuel per year!

a white semi truck going thru a narrow passage between giant redwoods on a sunny summer day.Slow Down

Although there is often great pressure to deliver cargo in as little time as possible, simply slowing down a bit can lead to a remarkable amount of fuel savings. Studies have found that the sweet-spot for fuel savings in big rig trucks is in the 60 to 65 mph range. They also found that when truckers reduce their average speeds from 75 to 65 mph, they will see a resulting 25% increase in fuel economy!

Lighten Up

Lastly, there are several ways that a green freight carrier can reduce weight on their truck. These include things like using a carbon fiber trailer body and components. Additionally, fuel costs can be realized simply by increasing the aerodynamic design of the vehicle. WalMart’s WAVE vehicle is the perfect example. By embracing weight-reducing technologies, the company was able to reduce fuel consumption by more than 10%.

There are several ways that ethically-conscious green freight carriers can reduce fuel consumption and their impact on the environment. You owe to yourself and your business to get a quote from a green trucking company to see how you can reduce your footprint while saving money too.

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