Make Your Next Move Environmentally Friendly With Green Trucking

The next time you consider shipping large items across the country or need to plan your family’s next move, consider the benefits of embracing green trucking and transportation practices during your relocation.

Environmentally friendly transportation is possible with the right supplies and company assistanceIt may seem that moving furniture, clothes, and household items across the country is an inherently polluting process, but there are several easy changes that you can make that will go a long way towards reducing the pollution and CO2 emissions from your next move. These changes include using green moving materials and contacting a local green trucking company like TriTown Transport for more information on the great benefits of green trucking.


Reusable Plastic Moving Boxes

As you approach your next move, consider using reusable plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes for transporting loose items. Plastic containers can not only be used for several moves over their lifetime, but they can also be used for storage once you get to your new home. They are perfect drawers and boxes to store items under your bed, as well as in your closet, attic, and garage. In addition, plastic containers offer much more protection for your items during transport, so you can avoid the disappointment of torn or punctured boxes at the end of the trip.

Recycled & Biodegradable Products

In addition to utilizing reusable plastic containers for your next move, using moving boxes made from recycled paper is a great way to reduce waste and help the environment. These boxes, while slightly more expensive than regular cardboard boxes, are much cheaper than reusable plastic and offer a great supplement to the plastic containers.

Furthermore, excellent biodegradable alternatives have recently hit the market and you can find green alternatives to common wasteful products such as bubble wrap and packing peanuts.

Other Materials

Lastly, feel free to use items that are laying around your house. Blankets can make excellent makeshift boxes, and they are likely to be placed inside of a box otherwise. You can also use items like towels and jackets to hold other clothes and fragile items. Lastly, don’t forget to pack your dresser drawers, shoe boxes, and extra trash bags for your move.

Moving Company

Scheduling Plan

Before you get a quote from a green trucking company, make sure to request a copy of their scheduling plan. This should demonstrate how their route, fuel used, and reduced time spent idling will help to reduce fuel cost and use, as well as overall CO2 emissions.


Green trucking companies take great pride in having some of the most environmentally friendly and fuel efficient vehicles on the road. Some steps that they can take to reduce harmful emissions and minimize waste include making trucks more aerodynamic, upgrading engines to increase fuel efficiency and eliminate pollution, and even installing hybrid or all-electric motors in their vehicles.

Company Policies

Lastly, ask the company what policies they have in place to help the environment. These policies include things like driver training to reduce idling, regular maintenance and upgrades of their engines, a company recycling and paper-free policy, and more. So when you begin to research your next move, contact a green trucking company like TriTown Transport for more information.

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