green freight

Green Shipping Quotes

By choosing us as your green freight carrier, you know that every important step is taken care of by our staff of experts.

However, your company can also do its part to better serve our environment, as well as to benefit your customers. Utilize the best possible procedures to prepare for your shipment.

There are now a wide variety of boxes and packaging of all sizes which are certified as environmentally friendly.

Stick With The Right Adhesives For Shipping Green Freight


Another factor when selecting your packaging is the use of adhesives which are also environmentally friendly. When larger shipments are involved or need to be marked for identification, select inks which are also environmentally friendly.

As a green freight carrier, our hope is to pick up and deliver as many well-prepared shipments as possible. We do this by adding to the force of our green shipping procedures.

Our ability to transport your shipment from its point of origination to its destination also makes a difference.

It could save your use of a separate truck or vehicle which is not up to our strict environmental standards.

Proper packing of boxes and containers is also important to our environment. We find that some companies, especially those that do not have regular shipments or do smaller orders, still use packing peanuts.

Such products are non-sustainable. The manufacturing, shipping, and distribution of these products contribute more waste to our environment.

For the most efficient packaging to be sent via a green freight carrier, our suggestion is to use fibrous materials. Corrugated inserts are generally the most effective.

Size Matters In Green Freight

When it comes to green freight, the size of each box or shipping container takes on even more importance.

One approach is to look to eliminate the need for corrugated inserts or other packaging materials. Using an exact size box or container would reduce costs while also helping our environment.

Since our green trucking quotes are also based on the size(s) of your shipments, reducing the amount of space your shipment takes up adds more savings over the course of the year.

Furthermore, exact-sized boxes and containers maintain your environmentally friendly status more easily in the event of a return from a customer.

When combining your careful preparation with our green freight shipping and delivery experience, you achieve the best possible results.