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TriTown Transport specializes in low cost Flatbed Freight Quotes. Rest assured your shipment has the right sized tarps. And the correct tie downs for the job so that it will be protected andan image of a flatbed tailor loaded with a very large crane. And it looks to be a Hot day with not a cloud in the sky. ready for use at its destination. With Flatbed Trucking there is a variety of trailer types that are designed for the needs required by different shipments. They are either based on size or how they need to be loaded. In addition, we can supply team service for any of your shipments that need to be delivered as soon as possible. And for projects with minimal time available in their schedule.

TriTown Transport supplies Flatbed Trucking service through out the U.S. on both a Less-than-Truckload (LTL) and Full Truckload (FTL) basis.

Today’s Flatbed Trucking specifications and configurations are standard in the industry as detailed below.

​Flatbed Trucking Details:

Standard Flatbed shipping is the preferred way to transport loads that are not easily transported in an enclosed dry van. Some examples of typical flatbed freight include large equipment, building materials, and large machinery. Flatbeds allow for greater dimensional flexibility, which makes them the optimal and safest choice for these types of loads.

Flatbed Trailers are used in several ways and can accommodate almost any load. The advantage of a flatbed trailer is that it may be loaded from the sides, from the top, or from
behind. Flatbed trailers are the most versatile trailer when it comes to transporting your equipment or cargo.an image of a flatbed tailor loaded with a very large 6 wheeled earth mover. And it looks to be a sunny warm day with few clouds in the sky.

Trailer Selection Simplified:

​Our trailer selection guide will help you to determine which trailer may be best suited to accommodate your freight. There are many different equipment and service options for shipping flatbed freight. We can advise on the particular equipment and services best suited to transport your freight.

Standard Flatbed Trailer

​The most common type of flatbed trailer, the standard, has dimensions of 48 or 53 feet in length. Flatbeds are generally about 60 inches high, which means they can carry freight up to 8′ 6? high. And will not encounter any limitations due to bridges or overhead wires.

Flatbeds can transport freight that is up to 8′ 6? wide without requiring any special permits. Wider shipments may be moved on a flatbed, but are considered oversized or specialized flatbed shipments and require special permits.

Any load over 11 feet six inches wide will also need a Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operator (P/EVO) in most states. P/EVO is a special car with flashing lights or height poles that escorts the flatbed on the route from origin to destination for safety.

Generally, over-width or specialized flatbed shipments can only travel during daylight hours, thus take into account that your transit time may be affected when shipping an oversized shipment on a flatbed.

​Freight is allowed to overhang but the amount of overhang that is allowed on a trailer without a permit varies by the State in which the load is moving through.

It is generally considered that you can not combine multiple legal loads on a flatbed trailer to create one oversized load. And you can’t move an oversized load that could be readily broken down into multiple legal loads (exceptions do apply).

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