Why Green Trucking is important for your company.

If shipping is an important part of your business, if you are moving any kind of freight on a regular basis, then you owe it to yourself, your customers and your planet to get at least one green freight quote. What is green freight? Quite simply, it is freight moved as efficiently and as economically as possible, in ways designed to minimize omissions and maximize fuel efficiency. This cannot only help reduce your company’s carbon footprint and do something for the world. It can save you money.
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Getting at least one green freight quote means that you know you will be shipping efficiently. But what exactly does green freight, or green trucking mean? Ideally, it should mean a total commitment to environmentally friendly efficiency. This means everything from having trucks that are well inspected and well maintained on a regular basis, to having drivers that have been trained in efficient and environmentally sensitive driving techniques designed to maximize fuel economy and safety, while minimizing fuel usage and wasted time.

When you do get a green freight quote, it should include a scheduling plan, one designed to pick the most efficient routes allowing for traffic conditions. The scheduling plan should be detailed enough to ensure that your freight will be delivered in a minimum of time, with a minimum usage of fuel, minimal discharge of harmful emissions and an emphasis on driver safety and efficiency.

Price alone, is not enough when evaluating a green freight quote. Naturally want the lowest possible price to ship your goods and a freight company that really practices green trucking should be able to run more efficiently and automatically save money, which they can pass on to you and their other customers in the form of lower prices. What you want to know, is what they are really doing to be green and run a more fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly shipping business.

What do they really do to maintain fuel efficiency and eliminate waste? Do they have a plan in place to regularly inspect and maintain all their vehicles, so that they are operating as efficiently as possible and contributing as little as possible to environmental pollution? Do they keep them tuned up regularly? Do they keep them clean inside and out? Do they design their fleet to be as aerodynamic and as lightweight as possible?

Do they regularly practice logistics planning, to map out the best most efficient routes and times, taking into account weather and traffic conditions to get your shipment where it is going, in the least amount of time, using the least amount of fuel?

Do they have a regular training program and clearly understood standards for their drivers? Are they trained not only in safe driving practices, but in fuel-efficient driving practices designed to minimize their environmental impact? Are they truly a green, environmentally aware and environmentally friendly company, that tries to incorporate fuel saving and environment saving practices into their every day way of doing business? This is what truly green freight is all about and it’s good for your business and good for the world.

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