How to Secure a Low Cost Freight Quote

Semi Truck Transporting Freight Over a Rural BridgeThere are several important factors that business owners must consider when soliciting a freight quote: the reputation of the shipping company, delivery timeline, environmental concerns, safety of the shipment, and even the method of shipment. However, one of the most important factors determining which shipping company you partner with is price. Every business owner and executive knows how much shipping costs can affect their bottom line and how important a low cost freight quote is for their business.

This article will provide you with an understanding of the factors that determine the price of a shipping quote, as well as easy ways in which you can reduce the cost of your shipping needs. Read on to learn how to secure a low cost freight quote for your next shipment.

Ask for a Carrier Discount

If you are a large company or frequently ship large amounts of goods on a regular basis, you may be able to get a carrier discount because of the large amount of business that you bring to the table. When measuring different shipping quotes against each other, it is important to consider the final price, not just the discount rate, as high-rate carriers may offer a large discount that ultimately is still expensive in comparison to their competitors. Also, keep in mind that negotiating a discount is very difficult for small companies or individuals.

Mode of Transportation

Another important factor that affects the price of your shipping job is the mode of transportation. Ground shipping is typically the cheapest option and will allow you to secure a low cost freight quote. Other transportation modes, such as air travel and ocean shipping will cost significantly more than traditional ground transportation.

In addition, when you do utilize ground shipping, it is important to realize that there are three primary types of ground shipping: less than truckload (LTL), partial truckload, and truckload (TL). LTL shipping is typically the most expensive since there is more than one destination for all of the items in the truck, which can lead to detours and additional transportation and fuel costs. This type of shipping may be most appropriate for single or double pallets, furniture, or reasonably large amounts of boxes.

On the other hand, partial truckload shipping is often significantly less expensive than LTL. These loads are fairly large and typically take up a significant amount of the trailer, leading to less frequent stops and reduced transportation costs. Lastly, TL shipping is by far the cheapest method of ground shipping. It involves shipping an entire container worth of items to a single destination. This type of shipping will provide you with the best low cost freight quote by far, and is ideal for businesses that transport large amounts of items frequently.

Consolidate Your Shipments

One of the easiest ways to reduce your shipping costs is to consolidate items into a single shipment. If you find your company paying for shipments to the same destination multiple times a week, you can save a significant amount of money by consolidating those shipments into a single trip.