What Qualifies a Load as Specialized Freight?Image of a semi pulling a flatbed trailer with an oversized- or specialized load, it's a sunny day and a snow capped mount rainier is in the background

Shipping large items these days by freight is thankfully a generally straight-forward and simple process. But if you’re a company that needs to ship something oversized, something extraordinarily heavy, or maybe just very oddly shaped, finding a way to ship that something can become quite the difficult task. This is true whether you’re shipping it ten miles, or shipping it across the ocean. Learn more about standard vs. specialized freight.

The first step in overcoming this problem is to get specialized freight quotes. Yes, that’s plural for a reason. Shipping your oversized or heavy product is going to cost a lot more than a normal freight shipment, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

And of course, having the peace of mind knowing that the company you choose is going to get your product there safely. So why is this kind of shipment so much more expensive than normal freight? There are a few reasons.

Specialized Freight Specifications that May Increase Rates

Image of a huge yellow dump truck on a flatbed trailer it's a beautiful sunny dayLogistics. As the owner of your company and the products you provide, you no doubt know too well the logistics involved in your day-to-day life.

It’s no different when it comes to getting that product across the country, or to wherever it needs to go.

Equipment. The equipment involved in allocating your oversized or extraordinarily heavy product can prove to be quite costly.

Flatbeds are used mostly for loads that require crane use, side unloading, or are wide or heavy; tanker trucks are used for liquids, bulk dry goods, gases, cargo, etc, and require a highly experienced truck driver; refrigerated trailers are used for perishable items like food or medications; all of these add to your specialized freight quotes’ total cost.

Time Involved. This type of specialized shipping requires a crew that has the relevant experience for each kind of load and freight type. Depending on the shipment, it can also take a more involved process to load or unload it. This can prove to be a big factor in your final quote.

The logistics, equipment, and time involved mean that your company will be paying a considerable amount for the relocation of your product.

Image of a red semi tractoer and silver trailor going down amountian road in the Fall and the leave are a thousands of shades of red and yellow and gold and orange it's a beautiful imageWhich means when it comes to choosing a transportation or shipping company, it would be wise to make sure you choose the best one, the one that’s closest suited to your needs.

This becomes especially important when choosing a company that you will be doing repeat business with. It almost becomes like a partnership, and the success of your company is affected by which one you choose.

Tri-Town Transport is a company whose sole expertise is specialized freight, with a wide scope of shipping solutions for businesses and people throughout the United States and the world.

Green Freight Quotes – The Future Is Now

Everyone in all areas of business and life these days is concerned about the environment and saving our planet by going green.

Diesel fuel is a Freight Carriers lifeline, delivering goods using billions of gallons of diesel. However, a green solution has been developed for a large number of carriers and trucking companies to deal with increasing carbon emissions, causing environmental hazards.

Image of a young woman in a bright red sweater driving a semi tractor trailer she has long brunette hair and a nice smile, she is facing the camera and she is very attractiveThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is establishing standards to enhance the success of this move and ensure a governing body is present to monitor environmentally dangerous freight carrier activities. know more?