Our staff with expert knowledge provides Eco-friendly, Reliable, Low-Cost Green Truckload Freight Quotes, and ​superior service.

Nationwide Asset-Based and 3PL Truckload

​Freight Quote Service

Tri-Town Transport offers a comprehensive truckload service with quick, easy and reliable asset-based and 3PL-based truckload services covering the entire United States and Canada.

There are many trucking companies to choose from when you are in need of shipping freight. And many aspects of the basic industry functions and cost to consumers can be easily matched.

What sets us apart from our competition is a proprietary service training program that emphasizes; single point of contact service structure, personalized service, and ease of access solutions.

Our logistics account management staff, our Driver, and in fact, our entire organization complete a comprehensive initial service quality training and continuing service and industry education training every year.

  • You are never treated like another load, whether you ship every day or once a year we treat all our clients with the same level of commitment to service
  • No hassle fast and simple freight quotes
  • Service unsurpassed in the Industry with a proprietary system of training only available to Tri-Town Transport clients
  • A-Trailers, B-Trailers, B-Doubles and B-Triples​

Try us once to discover a true service difference in the Freight Carrier Industry. We’re confident you’ll be back.​

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