J & K – Shipping Terms

A wood or fiber cover placed around such containers as cans and bottles.

Jacob’s Ladder
A rope ladder suspended from the side of a vessel and used for boarding.

Act of throwing cargo or equipment (jetsam) overboard when a ship is in danger.

Abbreviation for “Just In Time.” In this method of inventory control, warehousing is minimal or non–existent; the container is the movable warehouse and must arrive “just in time;” not too early nor too late.

Joint Rate
A rate applicable from a point on one transportation line to a point on another line, made by agree­ment and published in a single tariff by all transportation lines over which the rate applies.


Kilo or metric ton. 1,000 Kilos or 2,204.6 pounds.

1,000 grams or 2.2046 pounds.

King Pin
A coupling pin centered on the front underside of a chassis; couples to the tractor.

Knocked Down (KD)Articles
which are taken apart to reduce the cubic footage displaced or to make a better shipping unit and are to be re–assembled

One nautical mile (6,076 feet or 1852 meters) per hour. In the days of sail, speed was measured by tossing overboard a log which was secured by a line. Knots were tied into the line at intervals of ap­proximately six feet. The number of knots measured was then compared against time required to travel the distance of 1000 knots in the line.

Known Loss
A loss discovered before or at the time of delivery of a shipment.