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LTL Freight QuotesThe nature of shipping LTL Freight can be cause for confusion and headache when calculating an LTL Freight Quote. One of the keys to making sure you get the best LTL Freight Quote is to understand the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) Freight Code system, which is a numeric system that categorizes products shipped based on several factors, and determines how easy or difficult it will be to ship. But by classifying a shipment as FAK, or Freight All Kinds, when you have more than one classification of products, you can save on your LTL Freight Quote with a discounted rate.

For business owners who are new to shipping products, the NMFC Freight Code system is a numeric system, ranging between 50 and 500, that categorizes shipments based on four qualities: density, stowability, handling, and liability, all of which define how easy it will be to ship the pallets, the risks associated, and what type of transportation vehicle will be used. The more difficult to ship a product, the higher the LTL Freight Quote will be, and the easier to ship, the lower the LTL Freight Quote.

The NMFC Freight Code is one of the biggest factors affecting an LTL Freight Quote, and it’s important to understand that the system is in place for the protection of the shipper, and that the LTL Freight Quote is determined by not just how far you are shipping your product, or even just by weight, but also how easy or difficult it is to ship the product. It’s also important to understand how the numeric system works. Products with higher density will be of a lower number on the system, and products of a lower density will be at a higher number.

LTL Freight Quotes FAK ShippingWhen you ship FAK, the carrier will give you a discounted LTL Freight Quote at the rate of one classification. So if you have products ranging between 100 and 150, they may be classed at 125. By consolidating all different kinds of shipments and listing them as one classification, the higher-priced classifications can be waived and the LTL Freight Quote reduced to a code between the highest and lowest NMFC codes.

This kind of shipping saves time and money, but can be complicated and difficult, and shippers may not be getting the best LTL Freight Quote if they don’t use a reputable LTL Freight Quote service to find them the best base rates for FAK shipping. Professional LTL Freight Quote services specialize in finding the lowest rates and best service, and can assist with your FAK shipping needs.

Tri-Town Transport is a trusted LTL Freight Quote service that will find you the best rate with the highest quality FAK service. Because of the time-consuming nature of finding a good LTL Freight Quote, classifying goods under the NMFC Freight Code system, and shipping FAK, it is most beneficial for the shipper to utilize a top LTL Freight Quote service to meet all your shipping requirements. 

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